Roxen at IFRA 2013

Get a sneak preview of upcoming Roxen products!

Visit us at booth 4.2.400 to see our most recent developments:

  • Next version of Roxen Editorial Portal. This update features an updated user interface with a cleaner and sleeker look plus a number of new features such as archive filtering and a new addition to handle user assignments.
  • A new web and mobile site for delivering content online. This represents the next step for Roxen News WebSite and includes responsive templates from the start and scales from mobile screens all the way up to tablet and desktop. Friendly URLs, automatic section page updates, breaking news, comments powered by Disqus, user-controlled publish dates and much more are basic capabilities of this package.

Promotional video

Have a look at a our new promotion video showing the advantages of Roxen Editorial Portal and how you can save time and money through increased productivity and reduced cost for IT and administration.

Roxen Editorial Portal

The screenshots below highlight a number of the improvements in the coming version. Please note that this is still work in progress and some aspects may change before final release.

Browse stories by user in the new Users tab and the updated Headlines panels.

Assign users from a new dialog box by just typing part of the name. The story will immediately show up on that user's screen without any browser refresh.

Updated style for the image feed panel.

Page previews get a cleaner look with status border surrounding the page boundary and preflight warnings visible directly above. Menus have been redesigned to clearer indicate which commands that are applicable as well as their keyboard shortcuts.

The new archive filter setting quickly hides or shows old data across all panels.

Updated style for pages and toolbar in Page Management panel.

Upgraded "retina" (Hi-DPI) quality for all icons and widgets as seen in the reload button, the warning sign and the page number status icons.

Roxen News WebSite

The new web site integrates smoothly with Roxen EP to provide a complete multi-channel publishing solution. The site runs on Roxen CMS which gives unlimited flexibility in adjusting layout and behavior of the site.

The brand new Roxen News WebSite with fully responsive page templates.

An Roxen News WebSite article viewed in a reduced screen size typical for a smaller tablet.