Världen idag chooses Roxen for online and print publication

The Christian newspaper Världen idag has chosen Roxen’s web-based tools for production and publication of editorial material across all channels. The launch in February makes it the latest media company to publish online in Roxen’s standardised news site Roxen News Website.

Lukas Berggren, Editor-in-Chief at Världen idag.

This press release is also available in Swedish.

Världen idag (The World Today) is a nationwide and independent Christian newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 2001 and in its first year published investigative articles that were nominated for Stora journalistpriset (The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism) and won the Guldspaden award.

In order to stay relevant to its readers and step up its active and fearless news journalism, the publication needed to become more streamlined and to make its content more easily accessible via digital channels. Accordingly, they replaced their old editorial system and their Wordpress website with an integrated solution from Roxen.

“The process of replacing our old editorial system was both quick and painless. Within a few weeks, and with no disruptions to production, we produced everything in Roxen,” says Lukas Berggren, Editor-in-Chief at Världen idag.

Roxen’s solution consists of the production tool Roxen Editorial Portal, where all content is created and managed across various channels including print, and Roxen News Website. Roxen News Website is a simple yet flexible web solution with built-in functionality specifically for news media. It is built on, and can be upgraded to, Roxen CMS, our Enterprise Web CMS, in use by large corporations, universities and media, around the world.

“Based on the Roxen News Website, a standard product for news sites with built-in functionality for mobile devices, galleries, social sharing, bonus material for subscribers etc., Världen idag has adapted colour, form and functions to give its readers the best possible experience regardless of whether they are viewing it on desktop, mobile device or tablet,” says Per Östlund, CEO of Roxen.

Roxen Editorial Portal provides an overview of production at any given moment and allows reporters and freelancers to create articles without any need for cut-and-paste. With more efficient tools they are also able to produce more editorial material, something that is necessary in order to supply new digital channels with content.

“The editorial team decides what will be available only to subscribers. These articles are automatically marked with a star to the reader on the website. Anyone who is not a subscriber can see images, heading and introduction and then merely needs to complete a simple registration to be able to read on,” continues Lukas Berggren.

Roxen’s tools make it possible to work on an article (text, image, video, etc.) that can start online, live on and be discussed in social media, before it ends up in print.

“Thanks to the seamless integration between Roxen Editorial Portal and Roxen News Website we can now work ‘web first’ and get articles out to our readers immediately. After that, with the aid of our templates, we rapidly edit the paper version to best suit our readers,” concludes Lukas Berggren.

For more information, contact:

Per Östlund, CEO
Roxen AB
P: +46 732 30 30 13

Lukas Berggren, Editor-in-Chief
Världen idag
P: +46 18 430 40 41

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