ADP Nederland main website live on Roxen CMS

After choosing Roxen CMS as their digital platform, the Dutch subsidiary of ADP has now gone live on Roxen CMS. Roxen’s long term partner Rivium Bright Answers has assisted ADP during the development and implementation of the new website.

“Roxen CMS is a very stable and tolerant content management system with a proven track record for outstanding versatility. With Roxen, we now have the necessary flexibility to support our online Sales and Marketing efforts,” says Eugène Commandeur, Digital Marketing Automation Leader at ADP Nederland and responsible for the project.

The ICT development firm Rivium Bright Answers in Rotterdam has been a partner of Roxen since 2004 during which period they have implemented many corporate websites using Roxen CMS. Their latest in-house development is a Rapid Development tool called AppBuilder, which allows for the development of instant web applications, all based on Roxen CMS. Rivium Bright Answers assisted ADP Nederland in the realization of the new digital platform.

“We have relied on Roxen for many critical projects over the years,” says Peter Riemens, CEO of Rivium Bright Answers. “Roxen has always been there for us, and the tools in the vast toolbox of Roxen CMS have never let us down, so the choice to continue working with Roxen has always been easy for us,” Peter Riemens concludes.

“We are delighted that ADP Nederland has chosen Roxen again for their latest website, after having started originally in 2002 with using the Roxen CMS for their websites,” says Per Östlund, Roxen’s CEO. “After many years of development and refinement, our CMS comes with a box full of tools and functionality, utilized by ADP Nederland and Rivium to create an exemplary site of engagement and manageability,” Per Östlund finishes.

For more information, please contact:

Per Östlund, CEO
Roxen AB
P: +46 732 30 30 13

Eugène Commandeur
ADP Nederland BV

Peter Riemens
Rivium Bright Answers BV

About Rivium Bright Answers
Rivium Bright Answers, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is one of the Dutch leading ICT development houses. We are a business enablement company which support complex software solutions with quick implementations for your company.

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