New mobile site Walraven

New mobile website for Walraven

Rivium, one of Roxen Internet Software's partners, has recently completed a new mobile website for Walraven. The site has been specifically designed to the use of the mobile customer. The homepage is especially designed on which only the categories are displayed to the use of the mobile user. Rivium, together with Walraven, developed an interaction model designed to the most visited pages to the mobile version of the site. The editors only have to enter their new information in the Roxen CMS of the regular website, as this is automatically updated to the mobile site, which prevents duplicate entries.

Just like the other regular websites from Rivium, Roxen CMS is the user-friendly application for its content. Using the Roxen CMS a mobile tool been utilized by means that independent of your mobile device the appropriate output format will be offered. The site also includes a number of useful  HTML-5 features like, scaling of the framework and an interactive application-navigation "feel" of the site.

Finally, the catalogue is adjusted for better searching on the smartphone and tablet PC, through Google maps locations for events and offices are searchable and the site will be offered multilingual (from Russian to Spanish). The mobile site is made available for iPhone, Android and other devices.

Below is the link for the new mobile site. See it yourself from your mobile device:

About Rivium

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