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Capelle aan den IJssel, THE NETHERLANDS – January 29 2009: Roxen Internet Software (Roxen), a multiple-awarded product supplier of Web Content Management products, today announced that SPARQ, part of the Randstad Holding/Tempo-Team Groep launched the website sparq.nl, based on the newest release of Roxen CMS.

SPARQ launched www.sparq.nl, the website is redesigned and is based on Roxen CMS now. SPARQ is using Roxen Internet Software for publishing and developing their Inter- and Intranet sites.

SPARQ deploys Roxen's solution to create, manage and deliver their websites. sparq.nl is the website for SPARQ who sees every contact as an opportunity. SPARQ has the resources and the know-how for companies to benefit from contacts in the world around them. SPARQ offers means and people for telephone-/receptiondesks, facilitating servicedesks, hostess services and contact centers. How often companies careless treat their most important asset: customers? According to SPARQ people are always the heart at customer contact. SPARQ’s people develop themselves continuously, by workshops and training on the job. And in recruitment for new employees this talent is a focus point for SPARQ.

SPARQ needed a solution to rapidly publish information online. Using Roxen, SPARQ employees can easily contribute, organize and access content, while increasing efficiency and communication across the teams by making use of powerful metadata capabilities of Roxen CMS. A sophisticated version control system was also required, so that web content is never deleted and a site can always be re-created.


SPARQ believes that each contact between a company and its customers is an opportunity. An opportunity to get to know each other . An opportunity to develop. An opportunity to improve. SPARQ offers organisations, the people, means and know-how to capitalise on these opportunities. They advise on staffing services for contact centers, reception desks, hospitality services and switchboard rooms. Also consultancy, training and assessments can be provided to organisations.


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