Hitkrant renews website with Roxen and GMT


21 December 2006

Hitkrant has updated its website in line with a restyling of the magazine, focusing on its target audience of teenage girls age 12 -16. Entertainment and idols are the center of attention. Additionally, a lot of 'girls issues' are covered. Roxen was selected as the tool for generating maximum traffic to the site and to establish bonding and interaction of the target group with the Hitkrant brand. GMT Online realised the design and hosting, as it does for other websites of publishing house Telegraaf Tijdschriften Group.

Hitkrant introduces Mobisphere, an interactive platform for users to blog and also read and rate other blogs, using their mobile phone. Mobisphere offers spaces to chat about Gossip, Boys, Rubbish, Love & Sex, Music, TV and Film. Several hundreds of chat groups have been formed within the first few weeks. The most popular blogs are rated on the home page of the website.

The website covers additional news to the magazine. Users are given the possibility to download photo's from the magazine as desktop or screen saver item. Readers are massively emailing editors Tanja and Kim from the website. The circulation of Hitkrant is 45,000, of which 23,000 are subscriptions.

'Our target group is used to interact digitally', says Annemarie Burgmans, brand manager at Telegraaf Tijdschriften Group. 'Ever since our remake, the magazine is selling a lot better and traffic to the website has made a boost. And we have only just started. We are taking the Hitkrant brand further and build it also online. Soon our new item Clip' It will be launched, an online game we have developed with our partner Hip TV. Users can download their funniest videos of for instance imitation or play back acts. They can vote on each others films.'

The XML based Roxen CMS enables an easy integration of today's and future user generated content technologies.

About Roxen

Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing, i.e. publishing online, in print, to tablets, smartphones and other devices. Customers include Metro International, RTL Nederlands, Shaw Newspapers as well as Princeton University, Randstad and Verizon. Roxen was established in 1994. The head office and development center is located in Linköping, Sweden. Roxen offices are also located in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Chicago.