Veronica Radioschool innovates with Roxen CMS

Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

1 September 2005

The Dutch broadcasting association Veronica launches Veronica Radioschool, an innovative online project which provides professional radio broadcasting education. Radioschool consists of a web station and an online community, both based on the web content management software Roxen CMS. Veronica has chosen Roxen Internet Software for its flexibility, compatibility with Mac OS X and the Apple platform and its high level of user friendliness. The source code is included in the delivery of the CMS.

The Radioschool is an online platform for members of the Veronica broadcast association. Participants are provided with online studies, receive meeting invitations and are able to contact professional radio broadcasters. Radioschool is the first Benelux initiative for professional radio broadcasting studies. Most of the courses and material are delivered through the website and participants will be able to upload their own programmes for the webstation. This causes a lot of traffic and content refreshments in various data formats. The flexibility of Roxen CMS ensures optimal site management.

"Our flexible software is a perfect fit for a media environment that is constantly changing", said Staffan Ekholm, CEO of Roxen Internet Software. "Additionally, Veronica expects the Radioschool community to grow rapidly, both in the number of participants and popularity. Roxen CMS technology will support this growth flawlessly."

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