Princeton University selects Roxen CMS


7 October 2004

Princeton University, one of the world's most renowned and prestigious universities, has entered into a license agreement with Roxen Internet Software, a Swedish company, to use the Roxen CMS software for managing the next version of its official Web site Roxen CMS has been chosen as the standard content management system for the University, and will gradually be rolled out to departments and schools which are in need of its functionality.

"After an extensive review process, Princeton selected Roxen CMS based on its platform independence, flexibility, extensibility, and ease of use. We closely evaluated numerous products, including leading proprietary and open-source-based solutions. Our review committee unanimously chose Roxen CMS as the best of both worlds, given that it is based on open standards, has a flexible development environment, and is backed up by excellent customer support. In addition, Roxen Internet Software has significant experience in the higher education sector," says Reed Meister, Director of Web Communications and Strategic Projects in the Office of Communications at Princeton University. "The Web is an essential part of Princeton University's communications strategy and Roxen CMS will play an indispensable role in keeping our content vibrant and up-to-date," Mr. Meister continues.

"Princeton University's selection of Roxen CMS as a key software solution for its extensive Web-related needs is a great vote of confidence in the capabilities of our software as well as in the qualifications of our consultants. Coming out on top of such a competitive bidding process makes us both happy and proud. As a result of this agreement, Roxen CMS strengthens its position as one of the world's leading content management platforms for the higher education sector," says Staffan Ekholm, CEO of Roxen Internet Software.

The implementation of Roxen CMS at Princeton will add a number of features to Princeton University's Web presence, such as improved control of the Princeton University brand, simplified editing, quality assured publication, access control, and optimized search through content stored in a variety of formats.

"Because Roxen CMS is built on open standards and is delivered with the source code, the Roxen CMS is a powerful and flexible system that will help facilitate the exchange of information with our internal systems. Also, by using Roxen, Princeton will be able to simplify and better organize our Web presence while giving us a readily adaptable platform," says Betty Leydon, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Princeton University.

About Princeton University

Princeton University is a vibrant community of scholarship and learning that stands in the nation's service and in the service of all nations. Chartered in 1746, and known as the College of New Jersey until 1896, it was British North America's fourth college. Fully coeducational since 1969, Princeton in the 2002-2003 academic year enrolled 6,632 students – 4,635 undergraduates and 1,997 graduate students – with a ratio of full-time students to faculty members of 5.6 to 1.

About Roxen

Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing, i.e. publishing online, in print, to tablets, smartphones and other devices. Customers include Metro International, RTL Nederlands, Shaw Newspapers as well as Princeton University, Randstad and Verizon. Roxen was established in 1994. The head office and development center is located in Linköping, Sweden. Roxen offices are also located in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Chicago.