Arnhem-Nijmegen University of Professional Education chose Roxen Platform


11 July 2001

The Benelux operation of Roxen Internet Software based in Rotterdam reports yet another sales success for its award winning Web Content Management software Roxen Platform. "We chose Roxen Platform because it is the only web content management system at this moment that offers various integrated support facilities and conforms to the present standards", said Ad Sanders, IT manager of HAN.

Roxen Platform will be used for Internet as well as intranet sites. HAN employees will be able to update and publish documents on the Web without having to learn new programming skills or specialized authoring tools. The Roxen Platform will also be used for educational purposes. The use of open standards such as XML and XSLT plays an important role.

"We have evaluated other Web Content Management solutions, but no other product within the price range can offer what we require", continued Ad Sanders.

Roxen Internet Software sells their products through a network of partners. These partners can take care of consultancy and implementation for customers. HAN has chosen to work with OMNEXT.NET of Veenendaal. In cooperation with the HAN Web team, OMNEXT.NET takes care of the design and implementation of the Internet and intranet sites and the integration with the back office systems.

Roxen Platform differs from most other content management solutions, in that it is fully based on open standards such as XML and XSL, is fully browser-based, and Java, JSP and ASP compatible. Workflow and versioning are standard features in Roxen, as well as all security aspects. Furthermore, Roxen Platform has powerful support for graphics and is platform independent (NT, Linux, various Unix flavors, even Mac OSX).

For further information on HAN (Arnhem-Nijmegen University) see also and for OMNEXT.NET see

About Roxen

Roxen develops web-based editorial and content management tools for multi-channel publishing, i.e. publishing online, in print, to tablets, smartphones and other devices. Customers include Metro International, RTL Nederlands, Shaw Newspapers as well as Princeton University, Randstad and Verizon. Roxen was established in 1994. The head office and development center is located in Linköping, Sweden. Roxen offices are also located in Stockholm, Amsterdam and Chicago.