Newsroom Solutions

Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions are based on the lean concept and customized to your needs. One of the effects of applying Lean in publishing is that the workflow is streamlined and that every step in the process is performed only once. By separating design from content creation and the introduction of template-based layouts – in all channels, more time can be spent writing, editing and designing feature-rich pages. The same staff can populate more products with more editorial content.

Roxen’s products for production, management and publishing of editorial content are the center of Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions. Our completely web-based tools make it possible to work from anywhere, anytime. The system is extremely easy to use, making the transition to lean publishing effortless.

Key Benefits

  • Empower users. Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions keeps speed and productivity in focus. Each employee sees the big picture and is empowered to take greater part in and responsibility for content creation and publishing.
  • Mobile-first and all media types. With Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions you always take the shortest path from story to reader. Engage your audience in all relevant channels, including mobile or social media, using video together with text and pictures. You become the fastest source of news and free up valuable time for reader interaction.
  • Step into a new era with us. Roxen has over 20 years of experience in web and online technology. This together with our media industry expertise brings a powerful combination to your business. We help you preserve your current revenue stream with minimal effort and to focus on the business models of tomorrow.

Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions also include:

  • Advice, workflow analysis, workflow coaching and training.
  • Local cloud or cloud-hosted Roxen-managed software including upgrades and maintenance.
  • Integration with your current IT systems.
  • Next business day or 24/7/365 support coverage.

If you'd like to see the solution in a one-on-one demo session you are welcome to request an appointment.

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Roxen Products

Roxen Editorial Portal

Roxen Editorial Portal is a key product in Roxen’s Newsroom Solutions. The portal is completely web-based and provided as-a-Service. Often hosted as a local cloud, which gives the benefit of a cloud solution with the safety of a local server. Content can be published on multiple platforms with one click.

Roxen Editorial Portal is extremely easy to use with an installation time of only a couple of weeks – including training. This provides flexibility and minimal disruption to the newsroom. Roxen Editorial Portal also provides a framework for building a more effective organization.

The system can be combined with existing advertising systems, allowing for best-of-breed customized solutions.

Roxen News Website

Roxen News Website is an easy to use digital delivery platform that is adapted to the needs of Small and Medium sized news media Publishers that are looking for highly automated but modern and responsive online dispersion of news. Roxen News Website leverages many of the built-in Roxen Enterprise CMS capabilities but eliminates the cost and uncertainty of bespoke web projects.

Roxen News Website can easily be added once Roxen Editorial Portal is installed.

Roxen Enterprise CMS

Roxen CMS is a powerful and versatile Web Content Management System for production, distribution, deployment and maintenance of internal and external web sites. It is a user-friendly product that simplifies web publishing and administration tasks for the organization.

As a platform-independent product, Roxen Enterprise CMS excels in its flexibility, extensibility and adherences to open standards such as XML and XSLT. It also provides full integration capabilities with a wide variety of data sources.

If you are looking for a systems that can handle 1000's of editors, many millions of unique visitors or that supports multi-lingual websites or Fortune 100 class staging and workflow requirements, Roxen Enterprise CMS is the right choice for you.

Roxen Enterprise CMS also provides a toolbox and framework for rapid development of web-enabled applications of various kinds, Roxen Editorial Portal us only one example that showcases this capacity.

Digital Asset Management

Although all production data – text, pictures etc that are associated with a story – always is stored in the Roxen Editorial Portal archive that comes at no extra cost, there are occasions when a fully-fledged Digital Asset Management (DAM) system is required. This is why we also offer integration with leading DAM systems such as QBank and Fotoware.

These add-ons are offered with the same flexibility as with Roxen Editorial Portal, both as regards pricing structure and as regards deployment options.


In order to improve and leverage your position online, it is important to measure who is consuming what content, from where, on what device and when. But in addition to traditional tools such as Google Analytics, we strongly advocate the use of real-time analytics to help publishers understand how their audience consumes and interacts with content across desktop and mobile devices.

With real-time analytics you will know your audience better, you will directly see which stories that engage and you will over time have the opportunity to serve targeted reading suggestions and ads and, by better knowing your audience, you will become better at articulating the value of your audience to advertisers.

As part of our offering, we integrate market leading technologies like Chartbeat and Cxense in order to help publishers get on top of the information, including training and setting of simple standardized dashboards that help teams focus on, and measure, audience engagement.