Enterprise CMS

Roxen CMS is a powerful and versatile Content Management System for production, distribution, deployment and maintenance of internal and external web sites. It is a user-friendly product that greatly simplifies web publishing and administration tasks for the whole organization.

Each installation of Roxen’s Enterprise CMS is a unique solution tailored after customer needs and based on over 20 years of web experience. The CMS can handle massive amounts of data and traffic and reduces the long-term site lifecycle cost via separation of content, layout and logic while at the same time being intuitive and user-friendly. This is particularly valuable in large enterprises with complex workflows that wish to increase employee participation. The solution excels in stability and integration with your existing IT environment and is built to manage user permissions across the whole organization as well as provide a full audit trail of the site’s changes.

Key Benefits

  • User-friendly with a low learning cost. Let anyone create or edit web pages without knowledge of HTML using the fully web-based user interface. The CMS will apply a consistent layout to your content to ensure that your site looks professional and that navigation menus and links stay in sync with all changes. It also supports cross posting of material to the home page or section pages meaning that edits will be displayed in all places automatically to eliminate copy/paste errors.
  • Stable and easy to maintain. Roxen’s Enterprise CMS has been proven in a multitude of installations across different market segments for a long time, many being in service for over a decade. The product architecture allows for easy integration and upgrades to respond to your demands over time, and scalability for performance and redundancy is part of the core platform design – add frontend servers as needed to have the CMS replicate your site with a minimum of effort.
  • Create effective and efficient workflow processes. Delegate tasks to different groups within your organization instead of having a centralized webmaster that acts as a bottleneck in daily operations. Take advantage of workflow processes to guide users through more complex jobs and rest assured that the end result gets consistent visual presentation and functionality and that all site changes are fully tracked and can be reverted if you wish to.

Development Platform for Your IT Solutions

Roxen’s Enterprise CMS is furthermore a web development toolbox that can be used to create complete web-enabled IT solutions. Customers depending on that aspect will find that the CMS is a highly flexible platform with first-rate developer tools that support the interface customization, concurrent development, change management and performance optimizations required in that project category.

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Download Personal Edition for Free

You can try the Enterprise CMS Personal Edition today on your own computer. We also offer the Roxen-developed web server that the CMS builds on as an open source project. Both are available from our download site.

Roxen Download Site