Roxen WebServer

Open-source web server

Roxen WebServer is a full-featured open-source web server distributed under the GPL license. It runs on a number of different operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.

Some of the strong points of this server is:

  • Open source code.
  • A web-based interface for easy configuration and administration.
  • The highly regarded Roxen graphics support which can be used for dynamic generation of e.g. headers, images and charts.
  • Integrated MySQL database.
  • Server-side programming via RXML, Java, Perl, PHP, CGI scripts and more.
  • Strong encryption.
  • Modular architecture where server extensions can be loaded without shutting down the server process.
  • Platform-independent architecture makes custom modules portable with no extra effort.

Free download

To download the latest version of Roxen WebServer, visit the Roxen Download site.

Documentation is included in the installation (specifically in the Docs tab in the web-based administration interface), but it can also be found on-line at the Roxen Documentation site.


Roxen Community is the place where you can get support, access the CVS repository and report bugs. And don't forget to join the Roxen mailing list for exchanging tips and ideas with fellow Roxen users!

Software Downloads

To download Roxen CMS, please visit the Roxen Download site.