ROXEN CMS version 5.0 represents a major architectural update to the whole CMS package. It's been developed in parallel to recent 4.5 releases and contains entirely new modules as well as improvements to all areas of the product.

Roxen CMS 5.0 Highlights

Link management

Link management is designed to keep track of links on a site, hence the name. The implementation of link management included in the 5.0 release of Roxen CMS is designed to help you cross reference to other pages on your site, even to certain components on the pages. When editing a site with link management enabled it can give you information about what other pages that are linking to a given page or resource.

The main idea is to minimize your work when moving things around on the site. As you move a page, or a component for that matter, the link manager will see to it that existing links are referring to the new location. It will also prevent accidental deletion of pictures and documents that are used in your web pages.

Re-engineered workflow

The all-new workflow module helps your team collaborate on keeping your web site up-to-date. The core parts has been redesigned to handle personal to-do lists, ad-hoc routing, parallel sub-tasks and much more. It also sports a new and efficient Web 2.0-based user interface plus enhanced logging and e-mail reporting features.

The Workflow Preview
Shortcut keys

The Content Editor of 5.0 has been equipped with a set of shortcut keys that allows for faster content managing than ever before. This further adds to the desired goal of giving the CMS a more solid user experience.

Key Bindings for quick access
PDF Manuals

Key manuals has been reformatted for easier reading. Hopefully you will find them more informative. You are still able to search the manual database for anything – the search engine will look trough both PDFs and traditional HTML-formatted reference chapters.

Compare file versions

Web developers can now access a more powerful file comparison wizard that compares any two revisions of a file.

Patch Management

Patching Roxen CMS is made a breeze with the new patch system. It is possible to apply patches, roll back, re-applying and so on. This gives us the ability to help you with issues on your system with minimal downtime and re-installations.


Significant improvements has been made to the caching architecture in version 5.0. Roxen CMS has always tracked file dependencies, i.e. information about which files, directories, templates and images that contribute content or metadata to a web page. However, in version 5.0 this dependency tracking is of higher precision meaning that the system can more intelligently determine when cached data can be retained instead of forcing a rebuild after some piece of data is changed. This can potentially save large amounts of server processing power and thereby make the site work faster during heavy content editing.

MySQL 5.0 & Pike 7.8

Roxen CMS has been upgraded with fresh core components such as the latest Pike framework and a newer MySQL server that allows the product to fully take advantage of a number of OS features such as 64-bit processing. 


The internal redesign of the replication system takes care of some issues in previous versions. Most notably it solves a problem with transaction ordering that earlier could affect certain editing operations. It also includes new algorithms for load balancing of dynamically generated graphics.

Software Downloads

To download Roxen CMS, please visit the Roxen Download site.

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